Looking 8 years back!

That day was, completely unexpectedly, my last working day as a Human Resource Manager. I was fired!

I called my husband, told him the news and then I went home. I was disappointed, but surprisingly, I was not angry, mad or sad. The only thing that came into my mind was 'Oh, they don't know what they've missed'.

I immediately decided that I didn't want to work for no boss anymore. Within a couple of months, I started my own consultancy business. It was hard, I made extremely long days, I had no weekends, little earnings, but ... I loved the 'freedom'. Working as a an independent consultant was somewhat different from being a corporate HR Manager. As a consultant, my clients expected me to search and find out what their problems and challenges are, think and present innovative solutions and ideas, and implement them succesfully.

I did that for a couple of years, but still I had the feeling that something wasn't right. While my clients where seemingly satisfied, I was concerned for them. Especially, when they returned back to me for support, for problems that have similar origin. Quite soon I realized that I could help my clients increase their analytic and problem solving capability, so that they are able to solve their own problems in a sustainable way. I could help them increase their awareness, grow personally, find the real reasons for their problems and challenges, instead of thinking and implementing solutions for them.

I needed to change my approach.

After an intensive search on the market, and several online programs, I ran into iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), for me the best available coaching program. I did the program in one year, travelling back and forth from Curaçao to Miami, Florida. It was then, that I experienced my biggest breakthrough ever. I became aware who I really am, and I've learned to shift my energy, to manage my emotions, and actions and show up the way that I want. I've learned what my real strengths are, how to tap into them and use them for my own growth and to inspire and motivate others. I COULD BE ME!

Just after attending the first module, and experiencing some serious changes, I was already able to deliver more value to my clients. After being certified as professional coach, I transitioned from consultant to coach.

Now I help, particularly, senior (45 plus) professionals and entrepreneurs who want to move forward and go to the next level of success and impact, but think that they don't fit in this modern business world, because they are from a different generation, they are too old, or not technologically savvy enough, etc. I am doing what I really love, and actually it doesn't feel like working.

Where would I've been today, if I wasn't fired 8 years ago? Every challenge has another side. At the other side of every challenge/problem, lies opportunities. You just need to how and practice to approach the situation differently, with a different mindset!

To adopt a different mindset, means that you need to change. Change is transitioning from an old to a new situation or state. No change can be sustainable if you don't know WHY you need to change, and what you need to change. The very first step in every change process is to create that awareness. Unlike most coaches and trainers do, I take time to create/ increase that self-awareness in my clients first, before jumping into any change process.

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) is a unique tool that help you create self-awareness. When you take the ELI you will understand the reason why react or show certain attitudes in any situation. When you know and understand this, you can choose how to act in different situations.

Learn more about the ELI, on my services page, under the section 'Energy Leadership Index Assessment'.

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