Get comfortable, feeling uncomfortable!

There is one constant thing in live for sure, and that is change. The world is constantly changing and in a very fast pace. If you want to keep functioning decently, you need to keep up with these changes. Each change means to leave what is comfortable and known behind, and jumping into the new, the unknown.

This is more easily said than done. It takes courage and determination to constantly jump into the new and unknown. Because change means getting out of your comfort zone, and starting new things, it can be damn uncomfortable to do things that you are not used to. The truth is however, that it is getting normal to deal with changes almost on a daily basis. You are expected to get comfortable with that constant uncomfortable feeling that you gets when entering the 'zone of the unknown'.

'Get comfortable, feeling uncomfortable' is the new normal. Do you know the feeling that you have when climbing a mountain? It feels exactly the same when you are climbing a mountain with very narrow, difficult and rough paths. You start your climb enthousiastically, because you want to know what's up there on the top. On the way you get tired, you lose breathe, you need to stop to take breathe, drink water, to sit and rest, but you don't want to go back.

You push through, and continue because the expectation of what you will see at the top is high. You go through that process a couple of times, before you reach the top. When you finally reach the top, you see the beauty of the valley, you start enjoying the fresh air at the top of the mountain and the panoramic view. It is so worthy, and now you get curious to climb the next, even higher mountain.

Keeping up with the constant changes in the world, now accelarated by the Covid-19 crisis is like climbing mountains with difficult paths. When you do it more than once, you'll start enjoying the journey of climbing and you will get comfortable with climbing mountains. The climb will always be the same, it will not get easier. You are the one that has changed, who is now being comfortable with the uncomfortability of climbing of many mountains ...

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