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My name is Carla Balentina-Martina, I was born and raised in Curaçao, I'm married and I have 2 adult sons, and 2 beautiful grandsons that I adore. My husband and I married 17 years ago, after being in relationship and living together for almost 16 years.

After I've lost my job eight years ago, I put an end to my career working as an HR-professional for a boss. I started a new career as an entrepreneur, an independent consultant.

Although it took me a while before I was earning an income that I could live from, I loved the freedom that I had as an entrepreneur. I soon realized that as I consultant I didn't have that personal connection with people in organizations. My clients expected me to help their businesses to grow, improve results and to make profit. I was missing that personal connection with people professionally and to help them grow personally and achieve their professional and private goals.

I've made my research and I decided to become a coach. At iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) I've experienced what coaching is really about. I followed the program for 1 year, travelling back and forth to Miami, Florida to Curaçao. I went through a transformation process  that allowed me to dig deep into myself and make some miraculous discoveries about WHO I REALLY AM. It's an awareness process that I cannot put into words. I think though that anyone should have the opportunity to experience it. I've learned that without (enought) self-awareness, it is damn difficult to make sustainable changes in life. When you have that self-awareness you will understand every decision, action and movement that you make in life. You have the option to choose.

After my very first module, I felt like it is a natural thing for me to do, to help others increase their self-awareness too, and move forward. That is why I've included self-awarenes as the very first step in my coaching programs. Trying to change without self-awareness is like chaning and not knowing what, and why? 

Self-awareness is that missing piece that we use to forget, or we don't want to know about, when we want to achieve certain goals. That is why it is so difficult for people to make difficult decisions, and changes in their lives.

Are you ready to start your transformational journey? I have a very powerful tool for you, that will help you gain that self-awareness. Learn more about the ELI-Assessment on my Services page, under the section 'ENERGY LEADERSHIP INDEX ASSESSMENT'