Hi, I am Carla, your Life, and Business Coach; this happened to me. After I lost my job as an HR Executive a couple of years ago, I started my own Consultancy Business. 


But I was frustrated because, as a Consultant, I could not really help my clients grow with their companies. It was always about finances, legal issues, productivity, structures, sales, and so on. The absence and efforts for personal growth and the executive levels were huge and hurting them.

To overcome my frustration and better empower my clients personally, I decided, at the age of 53, to follow the best available coaching program ever at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

I experienced that self-discovery, personal development, and growth are fun, have no limit, no age, and no background. IT’S LIMITLESS!!

I felt immediately called to help those clients and people like you and me discover their unlimited potential (yes, you got it too) to BREAK OUT AND LIVE the life of their dreams!



How to discover what you want and to get there!

No one person on this planet is the same. We do go to similar experiences though, that enable us to learn from each other. To help you get to the place where you want to be, I've learned to learn from myself first. My coaching style is to teach you to learn from yourself. You can do more than you ever have imagined! With each of my programs and services you get this!


If you are here to learn the technical side to grow your business or to grow as person, than you are at the wrong place. I am not here to teach you about those  technical things that you can find in any instructional video online. I'm here to help uncover and deal with that missing piece in our lives, that we prefer not to talk about "YOUR EMOTIONS". Your biggest obstacle, and at the same time your biggest opportunity for growth.

More than 25 years of experience as an HR-executive and independent consultant brougth me knowledge and understanding of what is REALLY going in corporations and lives of people at work in organizations. I have combined this amazing experience and my extraordinary education an iPEC graduate coach, to design some quite particular programs and services for you. 


My programs differ from other ordinary programs, because my first focus is for you to understand the REAL WHY of your goal.  Once you've discovered your real why, and you learn the how, there is nothing that can stop you from moving forward. You know why? Your biggest obstacle is yourself and what you think about yourself.


If you've read this through, is for a reason. Read about the program or service that most resonate with you or book a service online below.

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What to expect on my BLOG page

My blog is about me and my most inspirirational professional and life experiences. Nothing fancy or dramatic, but as I always try to live and find the best part out of everything, I have some learnings that I can sure share with you!



My life-journey until now is not shocking or dramatic I think, but it is worthwhile sharing with you for sure. There are different moments in my life that I call my Turning Points. These moments determined the person that I am today, and what I have accomplished. No regrets, at all.

I've started my journey to become a business coach after my 50's, and I'm amazed how much I was able to learn, teach, inspire, and share. I am still doing that with grace, and I want you to know all the details of what have brought me success in life and business.

Hopefully you can learn and benefit too, from all my wins, failures, and successes. I call them experiments!


Doubt is a signal to keep going and figure things out!

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